What are PMB filterglasses?
PMB filter glasses do filter specific wavelengths of light completely (cutoff filter). This results in a noticeable reduction in the annoying glare.

Benefits of PMB filterglasses:

What is the difference with ordinary sunglasses?
In an ordinary sunglass all the light rays are being stopped equally; for example, 70% or even 85%. So, there is only 30% to 15% left of the original visible light, what will be too dark for certain people with eye diseases. A PMB filter glass let the good, harmless light through and protects your eyes more than ordinary sunglasses against the harmful (blue) light.

Extra advantages of the PMB filterglasses:

The photochromatic PMB filterglasses are only reimbursed in the following cases:

This for submission to the medical officer and certified by a physician, specialist in ophthalmology.